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10. The “Live and Learn” excuse. OK, so I have to admit I took a page from Oprah’s book. And now I’m giving it back to her. She can have her South African elite girls’ school, and the sexual scandals, …

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Ten Excuses for Putting Off a Scheduled Assignment Until the Very, Very Last Minute

9. The “Numerically challenged” excuse. Wait, I was supposed to do ten of these? I thought sure my notes said “top nine excuses”. Hold on, let me check my planner! 8. The “Meeting tomorrow’s deadlines with yesterday’s trends today” excuse. … Continue reading

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Top Ten Reasons for Mel Gibson to plead “No Contest” to misdemeanor battery

10. The “Always thinking of others” excuse. I could have fought the case and easily won, and been completely exonerated, but didn’t want to put my family through that ordeal. I’m all about family. 9. The “Focus on what’s important” … Continue reading

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Top Ten Excuses for Pop Stars to Strut Their Stuff for Gaddafi

10. Nelly Furtado’s “The less said, the better” excuse. Sang. Big bucks. Will donate. STFU. 9. 50 Cent’s “Simple division” excuse. Hey, man, do you know how many times 50 Cent goes into a million? That’s right, man. As many … Continue reading

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Top Ten Excuses for Giving a Rat’s Ass About Troubled Celebrities

10. The “There but for the grace of God” excuse. Well, all I know is that if I had all of that money and all of that privilege and all of that attention, I would use it all to glorify … Continue reading

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