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10. The “Maybe we just weren’t good enough” excuse. Heavens, no, we won’t go! 9. The “Higher purpose” excuse. After Obama produced his birth certificate, our donations went through the roof! I guess a lot of people had nothing left …

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Top Ten Excuses for Disney to Trademark “SEAL Team 6”

Although Disney has kept mum about their registration of “SEAL Team 6” as a trademark — for “educational services”; entertainment, toys and games; clothing; and Christmas ornaments and decorations (even unto specifying stockings and snow globes) — your Top Ten … Continue reading

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10. The “Sibling rivalry” excuse. If Kate can catch a prince by wearing her underwear and a tatty lace pillowslip, just think who I can catch by going balls to the wall! 9. The “Cultural imperative” excuse. The drag? The …

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Top Ten Excuses for Donald Trump to Sit Stone-Faced Through the White House Correspondents’ Dinner

10. The “Who Booked Me for This Thing, Anyway?” excuse. Well, of course I thought it was a serious occasion, all those White House correspondents meeting for dinner. How did I know they were all going to be making jokes? … Continue reading

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